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    Looking to earn your pilot license or advance with additional ratings? You’re come to the right place!

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    Come aboard our merry band of aviators! Expand your horizons, fly solo, learn, and have fun!

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    Here’s a gift that’ll make them chirp with joy, admire the world from above, and try their hand at flying!

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    Where dreams take flight! Training Britain's future pilots at
    Azure Flight Training Centre

    Let your dreams take a flight

    Welcome aboard, future aviators and sky conquerors! At Azure Flight Training Centre, we’re more than just your typical flight school. We’re your wingmen and women, dedicated to turning your aviation dreams into reality faster than you can say “cleared for take-off” while making sure you soar like pro and having a blast while doing it!

    We take our flight training seriously, but not without a dash of pilot humour to keep things light and breezy. From mastering the art of landing like a feather to navigating through turbulence with a grin, our courses are designed to turn you into the top gun of the skies.

    So, fasten your seatbelt, grab your aviator shades, and get ready for the ride of a lifetime because here’s where your adventure begins. From the LAPL for the weekend warrior to mastering the art of juggling multiple engines, we’ve got courses that’ll have you shouting, “Roger that, Captain!”

    Solo Hire Any of Our Aircraft

    Calling all aspiring aviators! At AzureFTC, we roll out the red carpet for pilots ready to take the solo plunge into the wild blue yonder. Once you’ve breezed through our mandatory check-out process (no turbulence there, we promise!), you’ll be cleared for takeoff. Just hop onto our booking system, reserve the aircraft, and voilà – you’re cleared for takeoff! Smooth skies and tailwinds await!

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    Chase the Sunset, Earn Your Night Wings

    Flying into the sunset sounds like a dreamy adventure, especially if it’s to gain a night rating. Flying at night offers a whole new perspective and set of challenges. Imagine the thrill of taking-off as the sun dips below the horizon, the sky transitioning into hues of orange and purple, and then navigating through the darkening skies with nothing but the stars and city lights below. It’s a beautiful experience that adds a whole new dimension to your piloting skills.

    SELF HIRE into the Sunset

    Training the future pilots.

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