IR/R Course

Instrument Rating Restricted Course

An IR/R (Instrument Rating Restricted) was commonly known as IMC rating (in the UK) which is a scaled-down version of an IR (instrument rating). It is aimed at pilots who hold a current PPL and wish to:

  • Learn to fly accurately
  • Fly in and above cloud
  • Instrument approaches
  • ATC Liaison

The IR/R Course requires a minimum of 15 hours dual flight instruction, which 10 of these hours must be sole reference to instruments, followed by a theroetical test paper and a skills test.

IR/R Study Book

IR/R Exams

You will have a minimum of 20 hours of theoretical knowledge training covering the following subjects, along with one multiple choice exam and one practical skills test

  • Physiological Factors
  • Flight Instruments
  • Aeronautical Information Service – NOTAMS, UK AIP, AICs
  • Flight Planning – Meteorology, Altimetry, Terrain clearance, Radio aids, Radar approach procedures
  • Privileges of the IMC Rating
  • 25 multi-choice test
  • IMC Skills Test

The examination is valid for 21 months for the issue of the IMC Rating and 12 months for the conduct of the flight test.

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    Course Entry Requirements

    The following requirements must be met at commencement of training

    • Valid PPL Rating
    • Valid Medical Certificate
    • UK Issued Flight Radio Operators Licence
    • 25 hours flying experience since PPL issue
    • 10 hours as PIC of aeroplanes to include 5 hours as PIC cross country

    Pre-Test Requirements

    The following requirements must be met before being put forward for skills test

    • Completed 15 hours of dual instrument flying training
    • At least 10 hours of the 15 sole reference to instruments
    • Passed the theory exam
    • Completed 20 hours theoretical knowledge

    The IR/R Skills Test

    Conducted by a Flight Examiner (FE) or Instrument Rating Examiner (IRE) or Class Rating Examiner (CRE) who holds IMC Rating / IR(R) privileges. The test will include the following:

    Section A – Full Panel Instrument Flying
    Straight and level at given speeds, turns at a given rate and onto given headings, climbing and descending including turns, recovery from unusual attitudes

    Section B – Limited Panel Instrument Flying (Failure of Attitude Indicator and DI) Straight and level flight, climbing and descending, turns onto given headings, recovery from unusual attitudes

    Section C – Radio Navigation Aids
    Use of radio navigation aids for position-finding using one or more aids to include VOR and ADF/NDB, maintenance of a given track based on a pilot-interpreted aid for 10 minutes

    Section D – Let-Down and Approach Procedures
    Let-down and approach to minima, missed approach procedure using a pilot-interpreted aid, carry out a recognised instrument approach procedure to minima, thence the appropriate go-around and missed approach procedure

    Section E – Bad Weather Circuits
    Bad weather circuit following Section D, position the aircraft in the circuit at the direction of the examiner, to carry out a visual bad weather circuit and landing under specified weather conditions

    Section F – Flight with Asymmetric Power (ME only) (see note)
    Control of the aeroplane and maintenance of a given heading and asymmetric climb speed, following the failure of one engine in the climbing configuration at normal climb power. Identification of the failed engine and the completion of all essential drills and checks. Climbing and level turns in asymmetric flight as directed by the examiner

    G-GZDO Cessna 172N Skyhawk

    Cessna 172N Skyhawk

    G-AWFJ Piper PA28R 180 Arrow

    Piper PA28R 180 Arrow

    G-OPFR Diamond DA42 (ME)

    Diamond DA42

    The licence is valid for 25 months, you will need to pass a revalidation flight test to renew.



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