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There is only one word that comes to mind when flying at night, and that’s ‘awesomeness’. Flying at night is a completely different ball game from flying daytime VFR. At Azure Flight Training Centre we train UK PPL & LAPL licenced pilots to gain a night rating which is a requirement to fly at night.  In addition, if you intend to become a professional pilot, then this course is most definitely for you as having a night rating is mandatory.

The good news is, there is only a modest amount of theoretical knowledge instruction which we need to cover, however; there is no skills test after you have completed the course. You simply have to satisfy your instructor that you are safe and for him/her to sign you off.

The course only requires a minimum of 5 hours of flying at Night which must include the following:

  • 3 hours of dual instruction
  • 1 hour of the 3 hours cross-country navigation of at least 50 km
  • 5 solo take-offs and 5 solo full-stop landings
  • Complete theoretical knowledge training

You must complete your night training within 6 months from your first flight, once successfully completing the course you can fly after sunset and before sunrise.

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I spent 6 months training towards my PPL and AzureFTC we’re extremely helpful and i passed first time. I highly recommend these guys.

Amanda Seyfried
PPL Pilot

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    Night Rating Book


    Theoretical Knowledge

    Theoretical Knowledge is mandatory in the course and will cover the following subjects:

    • Night VMC minima
    • Rules about airspace control at night and facilities available
    • Rules about aerodrome ground, runway, and obstruction lighting
    • Aircraft navigation lights and collision avoidance rules
    • Physiological aspects of night vision and orientation
    • Dangers of disorientation at night
    • Dangers of weather deterioration at night
    • Instrument systems or functions and errors
    • Instrument lighting and emergency cockpit lighting systems
    • Map marking for use under cockpit lighting
    • Practical navigation principles
    • Radio navigation principles
    • Planning and use of safety altitude
    • Danger from icing conditions, as well as from avoidance and escape maneuvers

    Other Courses

    Private Pilots Licence (PPL)

    To be able to fly at night, you will need a LAPL or PPL. Click here to see what is required to gain your PPL

    PPL Courses
    Instrument Rating Restricted (IRR)

    Take the worries away when going into cloud with our IR/R course.

    IR/R Course
    Multi Engine Course (MEP)

    Multi Engine Training in our DA42

    Multi Engine Course

    Looking to gain your Night Rating?

    This could be you

    Our Aircraft to Teach PPL

    G-ATHR Piper PA28 Cherokee 180

    Piper PA28 Cherokee 180

    G-BTNT Piper PA28 Warrior 160

    Piper PA28 Warrior 160

    G-CLLR Piper PA28 Warrior 140

    Piper PA28 Warrior 140

    G-GZDO Cessna 172N Skyhawk

    Cessna 172N Skyhawk


    Cessna F152 C152

    G-AWFJ Piper PA28R 180 Arrow

    Piper PA28R 180 Arrow

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes you can, but if you’re a LAPL licence holder, you will have to complete a basic instrument flight training required for the issue of a PPL.

    There is no requirement to revalidate or renew your night rating.

    No, an IMC / IRR is not required to gain a night rating, although a basic understand of instruments is required which we will cover in the ground school and in flight.



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