PPL Courses

The PPL is the first licence for aspiring recreational and career-minded pilots typically obtain. Once you have your PPL you can train towards, MEP, Night, IR/R and Aerobatics

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Night Rating Course

The night rating is an addition to your PPL or LAPL which you can take during your training or after, it allows the pilot to fly at night VFR. It’s a 5 hour course with no exams or skills test.

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IR/R Course

The IR/R (IMC) rating allows the pilot to fly in adverse weather conditions during your flight and most importantly coming into land in unpredictable weather in the UK.

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CB IR Course

This course is aimed towards experienced pilots who wish to gain an IR. The CBIR course is a new way to train towards an IR which is also recognised around the world.

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FI Course

The FI (R) course is designed to train a pilot to be a pilot to become an instructor who is capable of teaching a person to qualify for issue of a Private Pilot’s Licence & LAPL.

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Multi Engine Course

The MEP course is the first step to extend your PPL privileges and taking a step closer towards a professional flying career, this rating qualifies you to fly twin-engine aircraft.

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Companion Course

This course is design for those who fly with a PPL / LAPL holder regularly, it gives you an understanding how to fly the aeroplane, fly to the nearest aerodrome, use of radio, and land.

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I spent 6 months training towards my PPL and AzureFTC we’re extremely helpful and i passed first time. I highly recommend these guys.

Amanda Seyfried
PPL Pilot

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